How to Prevent Ransomware Attacks in 2023 with Jason Rebholiz

2023 is a totally different year from 2022 when it comes to ransom attacks. Based on the activities on the dark web associated with ransom actors, the numbers are going up. Last year, Russia-Ukraine had the numbers go down, but this year, we have a 102 % increase.

In this episode of the Chattinn Cyber podcast, we have the pleasure of hosting Jason Rebholiz. He is the chief information security officer at Convus Insurance and owns a YouTube Channel called Teach Me Cyber. Jason’s passion for data security is peerless, and his knowledge of the industry is something we should all want to hear. His career started at Mandiant, where he tried different things and came to learn his passion was in data security.

Jason and Marc Schein have an in-depth conversation on Ransomware and data security. Jason brings us up to speed with the current ransomware trends in 2023, the groups that are giving data security experts sleepless nights, the effects of AI on data security, and how organizations can keep their data safe.

Would you like to learn more on how to prevent ransomware attacks? Listen to this episode.

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[02:20] How Jason got into security

[07:31] Jason’s advice to people who want to join the cybersecurity industry

[10:22] Ransomware trends in 2023?

[13:34] Most common ransomware groups

[16:48] How safe is MFA?

[20:04] How can organizations beef up their data security?

[22:01] How is AI impacting data security?

Standout Quotes from the Episode:

“Understanding the type of MFA is going to become critically important in the future.”

“When companies can go in and create this baseline of the security controls, they are going to be more protected against ransomware and other attacks than somebody that does not have that.”

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